Three Antennae

On my way home in traffic today I saw an obnoxiously large pickup with three long, wispy antennas.

Probably close to 30 years ago my brothers and I were in the car with my dad when we saw the 1980s version of the same truck.

“What’s the third antenna for?” I asked.

“I don’t even know what the first two do,” he said.

“One has to be the radio,” I said. “Two’s probably the CB.”

“Maybe he’s trying to talk to God,” he said. “Or aliens.”

Steelworkers Fighting for Justice at Western Cab

Steelworkers Fighting for Justice at Western Cab

Check out this brand-new 30-second radio spot to support our brothers and sisters at Local 711A fighting for a fair contract with Western Cab in Las Vegas!

The Value(s) of Working-Class Jobs

Working-Class Perspectives

When I was a kid growing up I looked up to my cousin. Ronald was twenty years my senior, and in his mid-twenties he decided to become a bus driver on London Transport. Whenever I saw him, I would be enthralled by his tales of the road, the ordinary stories of depot life, his work mates and his passengers. To a young kid, Ronald’s job made sense to me.  He did something tangibly worthwhile. My family didn’t own a car, so all our journeys involved some form of public transport, either by train or more usually by bus. In my universe, bus drivers had status. Their work was more intelligible than the labor of the Ford worker next door or the TV repairman across the street. These images of working-class work were reinforced in popular culture, and one of the most popular TV sitcoms of the decade was On the…

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Steubenville Rape Verdict: The Future of Criminal Law In the Era of TTIWWOP « Above the Law: A Legal Web Site – News, Commentary, and Opinions on Law Firms, Lawyers, Law Schools, Law Suits, Judges and Courts + Career Resources

Scary folks. Scary, folks.

TTIWWOP is Internet lingo for “This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures.” It’s a “see it to believe it” culture. Smartphones and social media make documenting every event in real time a simple affair. Those who’ve grown up with this technology available for most if not all of their lives fail to grasp why someone wouldn’t record everything. If it’s not on social media, how can it be real?

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Strapped by sequester, Head Starts drop kids | The Journal Gazette …

It’s always children who suffer when adults don’t take responsibility. And this proves the sequester is, if anything, irresponsible.

At least two Indiana Head Start programs have resorted to a random drawing to determine which three-dozen preschool students will be removed from the education program for low-income families, a move officials said was necessary to limit the impact of mandatory across-the-board federal spending cuts.

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Drive-By Truckers shifts gears, rolls on – Baltimore Sun

Love this quote from Patterson Hood in response to a question about people leaving the band and why he keeps going.

I feel right playing with Cooley. I love playing guitar on his songs, and for now, he continues to want me there. It would be a shame not to. We’ve been together for 28 years. If we want to stay together and make another record, we might as well call it Drive-By Truckers. It already has a name and a certain cachet to it. I’m not in love with that name, but I don’t have to worry about people Google-searching it, and four other bands with the same name pop up.

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Your Facebook Likes may reveal more than you probably like | CNET News

Data is wonderful, and people are predictable.

By studying the Likes of 58,000 Facebook users on the social network, researchers at the University of Cambridge say they were able to determine users’ IQ, gender, sexual orientation, political and religious beliefs, and even substance use, with an accuracy rate of more than 80 percent

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